UNIONBull, the line of industrial equipment for the movement of merchandise and materials of Construcciones Metálicas UNION, is the result of canalizing more than 60 years of experience into the movement and storage of merchandise and products. It was founded by the initiative of Construcciones Metálicas UNION, leader in the design and manufacture of racks, shelving and vault doors in Peru.

UNIONBull was created with the objective of providing its customers with an integral solution that includes not only the complete line of palettes, stackers, platforms, moving tractors and lift trucks, but also the best post-sales service.

UNIONBull equipment is developed under high standards, with the purpose of providing the best cost-benefit equation, providing versatility, flexibility and standardization to its users.

The commitment to ethics, quality, service and the integration of all the working equipment of those who confide in our company, inspires us to make efforts day by day to be considered by our clients as “their strategic partners” creating a relationship of mutual confidence, that will last through time.



UNIONBull fork lifts are manufactured with first line components such as Nissan, Perkins and Cummins motors in the line of fueled equipment, and cranks from Rema, Frei and other manufactures in Germany. In addition, we have Curtis controllers, a universal brand that permits easy replacement of parts and optimizes post-sales service. It is important to emphasize that all of this equipment is manufactured with state-of-the-art technology using AC motors and CANBus systems, inverted traction motors that are used by all the European makers.

The line of UNIONBull forklifts is very complete and includes manual equipment such as light palettes oriented toward retail or small stores, equipment with internal combustion diesel and dual gasoline/LPG engines, with capacities of 2 to 10 tons and a great variety of mast heights.

In addition we have electric equipment for narrow aisles with working heights of up to 9.5 meters and electric counterbalances of 3 and 4 wheels that save space and are highly operative, especially for logistic operators and warehouses of high productivity.


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